Will Austin Move to a Once Weekly Watering Schedule?

Austin Water, the water bureau for Austin, Texas, is considering imposition of permanent water restrictions following a severe drought across Texas. The proposal will move through Austin’s City Council while they take feedback from the community prior to instating a once-a-week watering schedule. This move is taken only after the temporary watering restrictions imposed during […]

Will Record Rainfall Prevent UK Water Restrictions?

With rain often comes a sense of hope for replenishing water supplies, and with the recent record rainfall in the UK many are wondering whether this will have an impact on watering restrictions. In December, the UK say record rainfall and the highest river levels ever seen in England as a result of that rain. […]

Sell Faster with Curb Appeal

GrassBGreen is the fastest and safest way to improve your curb appeal in a competitive housing market. Our lawn paint is non-toxic and will not harm your lawn or your pets/children. It is a fast and inexpensive way to help keep your lawn looking great while staying in compliance with local municipal water restrictions. A […]

Can Water Conservation Really Save you Money?

Maintaining a green lawn can be a massive waste of water. Irrigating a 1,000 square foot lawn with just a half an inch of water takes about 330 gallons! All those gallons of water equal real dollars and cents going down the drain. Even if you water your lawn right, it doesn’t guarantee a lush […]

Conserve Water While Having a Green Lawn This Summer

With Summer quickly approaching and much of the southwestern United States in a drought, your grass may not be looking as green and healthy as it usually is. With so many homes taking out their grass and putting in a desert landscape, you can start to feel sad that there is no more green for […]