Can Water Conservation Really Save you Money?

Maintaining a green lawn can be a massive waste of water. Irrigating a 1,000 square foot lawn with just a half an inch of water takes about 330 gallons! All those gallons of water equal real dollars and cents going down the drain. Even if you water your lawn right, it doesn’t guarantee a lush green. Come summertime, those sprinklers need to run non-stop just to keep the yellow grass from turning brown. Who can afford that waste?

A Water Friendly Solution For Your Lawn

GrassBGreen is an environmentally friendly answer to fixing your lawn. It is non-toxic, making it absolutely safe for your kids and pets to enjoy the yard. It can also help you save gallons of water, which is definitely better for our planet. GrassBGreen can help you not waste another drop, or cent fighting your lawn problems.

Be Green with GrassBGreen

Water is such a vital resource to not be wasted. Our solution to keep your lawn a true lush green, well help satisfy any conservationist. Save water, save money, save your lawn and contact us today to find out more.

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