Don’t Rip Out Your Lawn: Paint it!

Having a lawn in a drought is hard work. You can’t water the grass as much as it needs, which leads to brown dull grass. You could think that your only option would be to install artificial grass, but is this the best choice? Artificial Grass vs. Real Grass While artificial turf does have some […]

Spot the Problem: Your Soil May be too Acidic?

Regardless of the type of soil you have in your lawn over time it will naturally lose pH and become acidic. This happens as rainfall washes away calcium and as decomposition of organic matter leaves soils more acidic. If you add fertilizer to your lawn the main ingredients are acidic by nature and will result […]

Real Grass: The Benefits

Lawns do good things for the environment. They help to reduce the “urban heat load”, sequester carbon dioxide in their roots and help reduce dust. The more we remove natural grass, the warmer the planet is going to be. Benefits of Real Grass Healthy lawns increase soil stability through its deep and expansive root structure […]

Identifying Some Common Lawn Diseases

It is important to quickly identify disease that could be causing harmful damage to your lawn. It can take a lot of effort to maintain a healthy playable turf, but the satisfaction of beautiful green lawn is worth it. If you understand what it takes to maintain a golf course, or an athletic field, you […]

Keeping Grass Green Through Football Season

Turf grass on athletic fields are one of the hardest to maintain. High traffic, and soil compaction are a few of the issues working against a beautiful green football field. A green lawn on a soccer field is not just an esthetic thing, but is important in providing athletes a safe surface that reduces the chance of injuries. Maintaining […]

GrassBGreen Tips: Knowing When to Plant Your Grass Seed

Knowing when to plant or re-sow your dying lawn can save you time and money before you jump in. What works for other areas of your garden may not work the same for growing healthy grass. Summer Is For Enjoying Your Lawn, Not Growing It It is best to not sow your lawn during warmer […]