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Conserve Water While Having a Green Lawn This Summer

With Summer quickly approaching and much of the southwestern United States in a drought, your grass may not be looking as green and healthy as it usually is. With so many homes taking out their grass and putting in a desert landscape, you can start to feel sad that there is no more green for you to have in your yard so you continue to water the yard. There is no need to continue to water your grass in vain trying to make it appear healthy again when there is an energy smart alternative available. Use GrassBGreen on your lawn and give it that healthy green look back that will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Healthy Alternative to Water that Stays Until You Mow

As the southwestern US is experiencing an exceptional drought for the Spring and Summer of 2015, choosing a healthy alternative to water like GrassBGreen, you will be able to maintain that green lush look to your landscape without ever having to water your grass.

With temperatures predicted to be over 109 degrees this Summer in California and other parts of the southwestern United States and 2015 looking to be a historical records for highs and drought conditions, water is a precious resource that doesn’t need to wasted to just make sure that our lawns look aesthetically pleasing.

GrassBGreen will stay on your lawn until the grass grows back or it rains. In states where water is scarce and therefore the grass will not grow all Summer, one application of GrassBGreen could last up to a couple of months before having to be reapplied.

Get Green Grass Without Having to Sacrifice Water

Contact us today to learn more information and how to get GrassBGreen for your lawn and quit wasting precious water but still have the lush landscape you desire.

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