Sell Faster with Curb Appeal

GrassBGreen is the fastest and safest way to improve your curb appeal in a competitive housing market. Our lawn paint is non-toxic and will not harm your lawn or your pets/children. It is a fast and inexpensive way to help keep your lawn looking great while staying in compliance with local municipal water restrictions. A green, attractive lawn will draw interest from potential buyers and quickly increases the possibility of making the sale.

Why Should You Choose to Paint the Lawn?

Lawn painting is better because it is both affordable and quickly transforms your grass from brown and dead to green and lively. In these times with drought, water rationing, and even water shut off for foreclosed properties, painting your lawn gives you the green grass that you want with half of the price. It is far easier to paint the existing dead lawn in a few hours rather than re-sodding that can take weeks of watering. GrassBGreen will take care of your grass to give your listing that inviting and well groomed look.

Save Water by Painting Your Lawn

Make your next sale a breeze with an inviting and green lawn provided by GrassBGreen. Residents are looking for a solution to the watering restrictions while still having a beautiful yard. GrassBGreen is that solution. Lawn painting solves your watering issues and gives you that pristine lawn you are looking for. After applying GrassBGreen to your lawn, you can reduce your lawn watering by at least 50%.

Learn how to get started using GrassBGreen on your real estate listings and get that house sold! You can find a complete list of our products and coverage here.

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