Frequently Asked Questions

Safe for Kids and Pets GrassBGreen is a green grass dye that turns your grass green.

Safe for Kids and Pets

GrassBGreen is a grass dye that turns your lawn green.


About GrassBGreen

So what IS this stuff?

How long does it last? It is permanent. It lasts until you mow.

Will it hurt my lawn? No way! It is safe and non-toxic.

Will it turn my dog green if he walks in it? How about my shoes? Not if you apply it correctly. Make sure the lawn is dry when you apply GrassBGreen. Also, make sure the product is dry before Rover goes back out!

Does it have any fertilizer in it? No – it is just a permanent dye, a paint that will color your lawn green and will last until you mow it.

Getting ready to spray

What kind of sprayer should I use? Any household sprayer will work! For best results, we recommend at least a 1 gallon sprayer. Check your local hardware store – the larger the area you want to cover, the bigger the sprayer should be!

What should I do to the lawn before I spray? Thoroughly mow and rake your lawn before spraying. GrassBGreen lasts until the next time you mow, so mowing makes sure it lasts as long as possible.

How do I mix it up? Mix one part of GBG Concentrate to 10 parts water.  Make sure the lawn is dry. Wait to paint until the Grass is dry for proper results. Watch out for early morning dew.

When can my dog go back outside? When you are sure the GrassBGreen has dried. Usually after 30 minutes.


New sprayer? Go slow Just check it out in a small section of your lawn. Make sure the sprayer is doing what you want it to and you have good control.

Don’t spray when it is windy.  It will go everywhere. Wait for the wind to die down.

Wet the concrete or anything else you want to keep from turning green.  It will stain concrete. Make certain you take every precaution. Wet concrete prior to spraying. If GrassBGreen gets on your concrete, rinse it immediately. If the concrete is stained, it is permanent! Your webmaster should know, he has green spots on the sidewalk in front of his house!

Use a paint shield.  Put something between the lawn and your sidewalk or patio. We’ve used cardboard for very small jobs, wood or metal shields for larger ones. Please use caution around anything you don’t want to have painted green!

When you spray, stay about 7-9 inches from the ground. Spray in a grid pattern so you always hit the different sides of the blades of grass. Go over an area lightly at first and wait a few moments. Then add more until you get the shade you want.

Spot spraying – If you are just spraying areas of the lawn, be sure to blend the coloring into the surrounding area for the best results.

Clean your sprayer after use! Sprayers get clogged if you don’t clean them each time. Rinse it thoroughly with water after use and it will last much longer. Skip cleaning it and it will clog so bad you will find out which type of person you are: the kind who unclogs a sprayer or the kind who buys a new one!