You Don’t Need a Green Thumb for GrassBGreen

The pride of a green lawn in front of your beautiful home can be so fulfilling. But the work that goes into it can be hard. It can take patience and time to maintain a lush yard.  Not all of us have the skills or expertise of a green thumb. Then throw in a couple days of no rain which can make a huge difference on those lawns.  Suddenly your healthy carpet of grass becomes a distant memory. Next thing you know, the homeowners associations are knocking at your door citing you for those brown patches in your front lawn.   You’ve put a lot of work into your lawn, but you just don’t have the time to address those pesky brown grass patches.  Unless you use GrassBGreen, giving you the green thumb you’ve always dreamt of, and the green lawn you want.

No Hassle Application

With GrassBGreen, getting back your green lawn is as simple as it’s application. Turn that patch work of dying grass to a real green you can be proud of.  Simply apply the non-toxic paint with your garden pump sprayer to those unsightly areas. Then, wait 1-2 hours on average to dry, and enjoy. This is a far quicker solution than having to wait for the right season to plant grass seed.  Let alone the amount of water needed to help grow grass can add up to costly dollars and cents.  GrassBGreen lawn paint will stay on until you are ready to mow.

Get Your Lawn Back to Green Today

It only takes a couple of hours to apply GrassBGreen to an average sized lawn . How much time would it take to re-sod your lawn which isn’t a guaranteed fix?  This safe and non-toxic paint gives you results as if you truly had a green thumb.  We offer a solution that will get your beautiful green back. Learn more about how you can get a lawn you can be proud of, contact us today.

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