GrassBGreen Tips: Knowing When to Plant Your Grass Seed

Knowing when to plant or re-sow your dying lawn can save you time and money before you jump in. What works for other areas of your garden may not work the same for growing healthy grass.

Summer Is For Enjoying Your Lawn, Not Growing It

It is best to not sow your lawn during warmer months because of the amount of water seeds need.  For seeds to take root they need to stay moist.   Summertime for most areas of the country spells drought.  So it can be costly to water then and not good conservation practices.  Grass does not grow best in summer, but the average lawn weeds like dandelions do.  Pesky weeds have a nasty habit of germinating in fresh tilled soil, and the warmer the better.  It is not impossible to re-grow your during these months.  There are soil treatments and fertilizers to help if you must seed then. Just know that summer will be work more work fixing your lawn issues.  It will be more watering and fighting off invasive species.  You are better off waiting and enjoying a picnic.

Spring Is Better, Fall Is Best

Spring is better, but fall is best.  In fall the soil is not as hot as in the summer.   The the high sun of summer scorches the top layers of soil making it hard to keep any moisture.  Warm soil is best for lawn germination.  You should not need fertilizer if you plant early in fall.  Planting now will give your new lawn a fighting chance before cooler temperatures.  Towards the end of the planting season try and keep your lawn as short as possible .  Keeping your lawn well groomed during cooler seasons will help it to survive.

When Growing Seasons Vary

Growing seasons shift year to year.  El Nino, indian summers, all these events that can change our planning to re-grow our lawns.  Winter coming early can stop short any end of the season preparations.  Perhaps what worked December last year is now too late.  So what do you do when the timing is not right?  GrassBGreen can help you through the “in-between” stages of growing or repairing your lawn.  Apply GrassBGreen to the brown patches of your lawn and just wait until best growing season.

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