Whole Lotta Lawn Paint

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1 gallon of GBG Concentrate mixes to 10 gallons of GrassBGreen. This covers 2,000-4,000 square feet.

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The perfect solution for big jobs

  • One gallon of GrassBGreen Concentrate

  • Mixes to 10 gallons of GrassBGreen Lawn Paint

  • Covers 2000-4000 square feet

Mix GrassBGreen concentrate with 10 parts water.  For big jobs, we recommend a backpack or other professional landscaping sprayer.

Spray grass at different angles for the best results.  It dries in minutes.  Drying times will vary based on climate and the amount sprayed.

*This product ships in the smallest possible container. Bottle may look different than pictured.

Enjoy a green, lush looking lawn!

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