Grass Paint

How Simple is GrassBGreen?

GrassBGreen is Summer’s choice for all lawns that need a little extra TLC due to the impending drought that seems to be hitting much of the United States. With a product that is permanent, simple to use and safe and non-toxic for your children and pets, there is no better choice out there for your lawn painting needs as GrassBGreen.

Application is Simple

Another advantage of GrassBGreen is that you don’t need to hire a professional to apply the paint onto your lawn. You can do this yourself. All it takes is a little bit of patience and a steady hand and your grass can go from dead and yellow to green and lush in a matter of minutes.

GrassBGreen is applied with any garden pump sprayer, so you can cover small areas or patch the brown spots in any lawn. Because of the easy application, any one can do it!

Safe for Children and Pets

GrassBGreen is completely safe and non-toxic. After the paint dries, your kids can play in the grass and so can the dog. You don’t have to worry about Fido rolling around in the grass and getting paint on him as GrassBGreen is permanent and only sticks to the grass given ample time for drying. We suggest that you wait up to an hour or two before rolling around.

No More Yellow, Get Started Today

Don’t wait until Summer is over to hope to have that lush green backyard back, contact us today and learn more about how you could have beautiful green grass that is permanent and doesn’t require a precious resource like water to maintain.

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